Potstill Brandy

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10 year




South Africa


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38.00% alc vol
Region: Western Cape
Country: South Africa


The aromas abound with and subtle complex notes of fresh vanilla, dried fig, peach and raisin fruits. The floral pot-pourri aromas and rich jasmine and orange blossom notes add to the complexity of this brandy. The palate delivers mellow rounded flavours of caramel, dried apricots and a spicy pepper and saffron finish.



Pot Pourri
Pot Pourri


The juice was pressed off and fermented at 18 degrees Celsius with selected yeast. No sulphur or enzymes are used in the production of the wine. The resultant wine is kept on the gross lees at 0 degrees Celsius in stainless steel tanks for ve months with regular lees stirring. Distillation is done in our copper Pruhlo Alambic potstill. The traditional Cognac double distillation process is followed with the separation of the Head, Heart and Tails fractions. Retaining only the heart fraction for maturation. The resultant spirit, at between 68 and 72% alcohol by volume, is put to 300 litre French oak barrels for maturation. Of which approximately 15% is new Limousin oak and the balance ranging from1 year old to 30 years old barrels. This Ten year brandy is blended from casks which have matured for a minimum of 10 years with some having matured for up to 15 years. Only barrels which display mature mellow characteristics are selected for the blend.

The mellowed spirit abounds with subtle complex flavours of dried fig, peach, raisin fruits, pot-pourri floral aroma, with heady jasmine, orange blossom and vanilla notes and spicy pepper and saffron overtones.

This spirit is one of distinctive character with a fine length and depth of aftertaste.

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