King Car Conductor

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750 ml (Standard)


Single Malt




Gold Medal World spirits competition


43.00% alc vol
Region: Taiwan
Country: Taiwan


This was the first expression launched in the name of King Car which is the name of the conglomerate. The single malt represents the company's diversity and multi-faceted business that we do. It is diverse with complex flavours, delicate aromas and multiple layers of background fruitiness. Sweet, rich vanilla, banana but also coconut, a slight pleasant bitterness balancing the sweetness.


Green Apple
Green Apple



The double distillation method is applied in the Kavalan distillery. Usually the stills work in pairs. The first distillation is to separate the alcohol and water. The second is composed of three parts: the foreshots (the first spirit to come off the still), the heart, and the feints (the final spirit from the still). The best part of the heart is collected and filled into casks for maturation. Choosing casks is very important for the flavour of the whisky. However, without a quality new make (newly distilled whisky), quality whisky cannot be produced. Our new make is very clean, which is one of the ways we make premium whisky.

Pair rich dishes, such as in Taiwanese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, with King Car Conductor.

Excellently clean and freshly fruity single malt. A touch of papaya, banana and green apple, just to name a few. Pleasantly floral, delicate and complex with depths and multiple layers of aromas, fragrances and nuances waiting to be discovered by each individual and connoisseur.

Sweet, rich with vanilla and banana, but also coconut, a slight pleasant bitterness balancing the sweetness. A mouthfilling dram, more complex and sophisticated than you will ever imagine. A grand masterpiece to represent and bear the name of the Group - King Car.

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